Biggest Mining Companies In The World


The mining industry might not be amongst the flashiest ones or highly famous, but this is one of the highly integral industries all over the world. If the mining industry is not present, then the majority of other manufacturing industries will also shut down as raw materials to them are provided through mining. Although mining is highly integral for the economy, but this industry is also experiencing a range of challenges including the uncertainty associated with commodity prices along with other macroeconomic risks being confronted by the industry. Due to these issues, the majority of companies have started concentrating on their companies to minimize costs and enhance efficiencies with a focus on the latest technology to drive their profit margins. Besides all these uncertainties, this mining industry is still leading the economy. The biggest mining firms all over the world are true industry giants and there we are going to share some of the biggest mining companies of the world as reviewed by Insider Monkey. This list is based on the market cap, revenues, and assets of the company. The mining companies in the list are the leading companies for a number of years.

Let’s start with some of these biggest mining companies:
BHP Hilton is on the top of list of biggest mining companies. The company is based in Australia and has been listed on a range of stock exchanges worldwide such as on the New York Stock Exchange. This mining company was started in 2001. The key role of the mining company is the production and mining of coal, uranium, iron core, copper, nickel, petroleum, and natural gas. The total revenues of BHP Hilton are $45.8 billion.

Another company on the list is Rio Tinto which is an Anglo Australian mining company that was established in 1873. The company is involved in the extraction of copper, titanium dioxide, gold, bauxite, salt, gold, iron ore, diamonds, alumina, and several other products. The headquarter of the company is in Melbourne, Australia. The growth of the company from the past many decades is based on acquisitions and mergers and has successfully emerged as the biggest mining company in the world. Although the prime focus of the company is on mining, but it has developed a strong reputation as a refining firm as well. The total revenues of BHP Hilton are $43.2 billion. If you are interested in learning more about other biggest mining companies then this post on Yahoo ‘15 Biggest Mining Companies In The World’ is for you.

Biggest Mining Companies In The World