Oil refining is the key activity that includes different other processes as well. Oil refining is taking place in the specific place known as oil refinery and the processes include distillation, cracking, coking, reforming, and final refining of the oil. A huge amount of thermal energy is needed for this process and also leads to the carbon dioxide release and when you will learn that the entire process is not good for the climate, then you will not prefer it to be done. The carbon dioxide releasing process is amongst the top factors resulting in changes of climate and temperature and these oil refineries are also in action and increased their functioning during the last few decades but now the environmental awareness has increased and people are discussing the changes they are feeling. Around 4% of the total emission of carbon dioxide worldwide is released by these petroleum and oil refineries which is resulting in stabilizing the entire system. In the developed part of the world which could afford to handle all such issues, new regulations and rules have been given and implemented during the past few years so that organizations and businesses can bring eco-friendly practices along with minimizing the emission of greenhouse gas for minimizing the impact of changes in the climate. This resulted in a dent in the industry of oil refining, but this is a matter of concern in the majority of the developing nations where there are no appropriate rules and regulations. Basically, this post will share details for the biggest oil refineries in the world as reviewed by Insider Monkey in their post. 

One of the best oil refineries is Exxon Mobil. As per available data, the total revenue of the company was $264,938 billion. Out of this figure, the total profile of the company was $14,340 billion. During the same year, the company owned assets worth $362,597 billion. Exxon Mobil, as per data from 2019, has a total workforce of 74,900 people. This company has been accused of climate change. Such accusations do not matter a lot for Exxon Mobil. China National Petroleum is the world’s biggest oil refinery. The total revenue of the company during 2019 was $379,130 billion while the profit during the same year was $4,443 billion. The company has a total workforce of 1,344,410 people. As per data, the company owned assets worth $608,086 billion during 2019. As per revenue, the company is 4th largest. China National Petroleum was founded way back in 1988. It is headquartered in Beijing. The company has operations in various countries around the globe. China National Petroleum has been held responsible for various oil spills in the past. It is owned and operated by the Chinese government. You can read more about other oil refineries at 15 Biggest Oil Refining Companies in the World.

Biggest Oil Refineries in the World