Biggest Tech Companies In The World


Technology is defined as the practical application of scientific knowledge and research. There are a number of ways in which technology has made lives relatively easier. We can take the example of a smartwatch which is not only helpful in tracking calories but also serves as a phone device where one can make a call or send text messages. A super-smart refrigerator is another example as it comes with a tablet that can be used for customizing your fridge. The dual-screen laptop is another technological invention. In fact, technology has become a vital component of our routine lives. With time, more improvements are seen in technological equipment and this will not stop now. The recent outbreak of pandemic has resulted in increasing economic distress and widespread concerns for countries, companies, and customers all over the world. This pandemic has a positive aspect that it results in increasing the adoption process of the latest digital technologies. Insider Monkey has shared a valuable post on Yahoo related to the 15 biggest tech companies in the world and this article is based on this information. 

Insider Monkey has shared the McKinsey Global Survey in this context as below:

“According to a McKinsey Global Survey, several businesses have increased the digitalization of their supply-chain interactions and the share of digitally enabled products has displayed positive results too. Remote work, contactless payment for goods and services, distance learning, telehealth, online shopping, and robot deliveries. This is the new normal: technology-fueled businesses, goods, our life in general.”

The market value of tech companies is explained by Insider Monkey’s post as:

“Today, the market value of the top 5 technology companies is more than $7 trillion. If these 5 companies were combined to make a sovereign nation, their combined market value would be bigger than the GDPs of all nations except the United States and China. This is just the beginning though. ARK Invest’s Cathie Wood who made a name for herself by investing in disruptive technologies and generating huge returns believes artificial intelligence could add more than $30 trillion to the market capitalizations of all companies globally.”

The 2nd biggest software company is Oracle. Its headquarter is in Redwood, CA. The company is offering IT solutions to businesses. A wide range of IT products is offered by this tech giant including database cloud services, autonomous databases, analytics, and hardware management. The current revenues of the company are $38.9 billion. Another company on the list is SAP SE whose headquarter is in Walldorf, Germany. This tech company is providing a complete variety of enterprise application software and other related services including cloud subscriptions to software licenses and programs that are running professional and educational services via the cloud. The company is operating in more than 180 countries with 440,000 customers worldwide. There are more than 101,450 employees working inside SAP. There are some other leading and biggest tech companies shared by Insider Monkey, you can read about these 15 Biggest Tech Companies In The World at yahoo.

Biggest Tech Companies In The World