Today we are going to discuss billionaire John Paulson’s top 5 stock picks, listed by Insider Monkey recently. His hedge fund, the New York-headquartered Paulson & Co is widely known for gaining $20 billion in profits for betting against the financial collapse in 2008. He launched Paulson & Co. in 1994. Paulson’s investment strategy is to invest in the long-run in gold and healthcare sectors. The healthcare sector represents 44% of his 13F portfolio, due to Bausch Health and Horizon Therapeutics companies.

Now let’s quit the intro and see what you are here for – billionaire John Paulson’s top 5 stock picks starting with BrightSphere Investment Group Inc. on the fifth spot. BrightSphere stocks have rocketed by 110% in the past twelve months. Paulson started his position in 2018 in the asset management holding company, and at the third quarter of 2020, BrightSphere now represents 8.04% of Paulson’s 13F portfolio. BrightSphere Investment is followed by NovaGold Resources Inc. Paulson’s fund initiated its position in NovaGold in 2010, and it means 8.24% of his 13F portfolio as of the end of September 2020. Due to the decrease of gold prices in the second half of 2020, the company’s share increased only by 1% during the past year.  According to Insider Monkey’s track, at the end of the third quarter there were 19 hedge funds in NovaGold, which means a decline of -17% compared to the previous period. As of September 2020, Paulson & Co. was the largest stakeholder with owning $264.3 million worth of stock, the second-biggest stakeholder was Sprott Asset Management with at a vule of $73 million stocks. Bausch Health Companies Inc. stands on the second spot in Paulson’s portfolio. The company has seen a decline of 9% for the past twelve months. Paulson purchased his first stocks in Bausch in 2014. In August 2020, the company announced that it would turn its eye care business Bausch and Lomb into an independent publicly traded company. After taking this step, the company will focus on its neurology, gastroenterology, and aesthetics/dermatology an international pharma business. If you are eager to see the entire article about billionaire John Paulson’s top 5 stock picks, please click and jump to Insider Monkey’s site.

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