Let’s take a look at billionaire Stephen Mandel’s top 5 stock picks, according to Insider Monkey’s latest article for today. American billionaire Stephen Frank Mandel launched Lone Pine Capital in 1997, and by the end of 2020, the hedge fund owned more than $27 billion in managed securities. According to Insider Monkey’s track, $9.1 billion of returns were paid to investors in 2020, which was the third largest gain in the hedge fund industry. Stephen Mandel is 65 years old now, and his worth is around $4 billion. He grew up in Connecticut and earned an MBA at Harvard University.

And now let’s quit the intro and see what you are here for: Mandel’s top picks, according to Insider Monkey. Netflix Inc. ranks fifth with a value of $1,325,935,000. The company represents 4.84% in Mondel’s 13F portfolio, and has 116 hedge fund holders. After boosting his position by 9% in Netflix, Mandel started the new year with owning 2.45 million shares of the firm at a value of $1.33 billion. Fisher Asset Management is among the largest stakeholder in Netflix with having 3.7 million of shares at a value of $1.99 billion as of the end of December 2020. Netflix is followed by Global Payments Inc. on the fourth spot with a value of $1,363,828,000. The company represents 4.95% in Mondel’s 13F portfolio, and has 55 hedge fund holders. The company is headquartered in Georgia and provides payment processing services to merchants. The company allows merchants to accept credit cards, debit cards and other forms of payment methods in exchange of fees. There is a newly-signed partnership between Global Payments and Google for a digital merchant solution, which will serve as a merchant acquiring technology to Google Cloud. Coupa Software Incorporated stands on the second spot with a value of $1,430,439,000. The company represents 5.19% in Mondel’s 13F portfolio, and has 62 hedge fund holders. The company is engaged in making tools and software for businesses to boost  visibility into their expenses and spending. There several famous products made by Coupa, such as Tradeshift, Tipalti, Ariba and Ivalua. Lone Pine Capital owns more than 4.2 million shares of the company. If you are eager to know more about billionaire stephen Mandel’s top 5 stock pick, please click and jump to see the original article.

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