Biotechnology Stocks To Buy According To Billionaire De Shaw


The hedge fund D.E. Shaw was founded by David Shaw. In 1980, he obtained his Ph.D. from the prestigious Stanford University. Dr. Shaw, who is known for his analytical and research-based approach to investing, began his career in an entirely different field. As of March 2022, D.E. Shaw was worth $7.5 billion, making him one of the world’s wealthiest persons. After securing $28 million in investment capital, he established his hedge fund on the roof of a New York bookstore. D.E. Shaw’s hedge fund began with $28 million in capital and has grown to a $120 billion 13F portfolio. The biotechnology sector has the most investments, with Moderna, Pfizer, and The Coca-Cola Company being the largest.

Insider Monkey highlights the ten biotechnology stocks to buy according to billionaire DE Shaw. Eli Lilly and Company was formed in 1876, making it one of the world’s oldest pharmaceutical companies. Ken Fisher’s Fisher Asset Management is the company’s largest shareholder, with 6.9 million shares worth $1.9 billion. Baxter International Inc. reported $3.5 billion in revenue and $1.04 in non-GAAP EPS for the fourth quarter of its fiscal year. The stock’s price target has been raised by UBS to $91 from $88 in February 2022. Muscular atrophy, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, and lymphoma are among the neurological and neurodegenerative illnesses that Biogen Inc. focuses on treating. After being created in 1978, it claims itself as one of the world’s first biotechnology companies. In its fiscal fourth quarter, Novartis AG reported $13.3 billion in revenue and $1.40 in non-GAAP EPS. In February 2022, Stifel set a price target of CHF87 ($93.98) for the stock. Johnson & Johnson is situated in New Brunswick, New Jersey, and was founded in 1886. 85 of the 924 hedge funds in Insider Monkey’s database that filed 13Fs for the Q4 period owned the company’s stock. For more details, click Ten Biotechnology Stocks To Buy According To Billionaire De Shaw.