Brands Prefer Uploading Videos To Facebook Inc (FB) Rather than Google Inc ( GOOGL)’s Youtube


Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL)’s Youtube is sweating over the increasing popularity of Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) videos for the first time in years. An article on The Drum reported that for years, there was no one for challenge Google’s Youtube, but now, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)  has drawn out its sword. A report surfaced in January 2015 claimed that Facebook’s video growth surged by no less than 75%. Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg claimed with a chilling confidence a few months back that in the coming years, most of the Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)  platform will be fixated around videos.

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Video ads is another channel for gigantic Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) revenue. The source said that many marketers are now weighing Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) more heavily than Google Inc( NASDAQ:GOOGL)’s Youtube, thanks to the quick, seamless and easy to use interface Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)  provides. Users prefer to see trailers, fun videos, talk shows in their social media streams. Though, Google Inc( NASDAQ:GOOGL)’s Youtube is still far ahead of Facebook, but the situation will be different in the coming years.

Last year, a report claimed that Google Inc ( NASDAQ:GOOGL)’s Youtube recorded around 162.3 million unique viewers whereas the metric was 93.8 million for Facebook. But, the growth rate is far heftier for Facebook.

Google Inc ( NASDAQ:GOOGL) rejects the notion that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s video popularity is creating problems for Youtube. It claims that more than 4 hours of video is being uploaded to Youtube every minute; subscriptions are growing 4 times each year.

The source quoted a new report from Social Brakers, which claims that brands prefer uploading their videos to Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)  than Google Inc ( NASDAQ:GOOGL)’s Youtube.

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