Brownie Brittle Founder: Facebook Inc (FB) Fan Page Made My Business Successful


Social media has helped thousands of individuals, companies and enterprise entities around us and changed the way we interact, shop and sell. Brownie Brittle, a brownie production company is the perfect example of how you can flourish your small business into a large, magnified entity by smartly targeting the social media fans. Brownie Brittles had a unique idea, which was to make delicious crispy Brownie sundaes using the hardened dripping which come off from the pans of brownie baking process. But the problem was that they had limited resources to go for a full-fledged print marketing scheme. Giving an interview to Fox Business, Brownie Brittle founder, Shiela G. Mains, told how she was able to produce a huge fan base just from her desk, using social media platforms like Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) and getting the socially savvy eaters under her roof.

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Mains explained that the problem she was facing was that most of the people didn’t know about the concept of brittle brownies and she was losing her sales.

“[…] We were in the midst of housing crisis and people weren’t eating out, and when they were, they weren’t ordering a $5 brownie sundae, so my sales were suffering and if we were going to stay up flow, we needed to find those consumers at the grocery stores,” said Mains.

Mains then told how she was able to get a new life for her business through Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) pages and totally focused her adverting on online platforms.

“We needed to reach the consumers, and we didn’t have a lot of money for expensive print ads, so the first thing we did was launch our website, and then start a Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) page and began to get the word out there slowly, but with some banner ads,” said Mains.

Brownie Brittle founder also said that she is getting enormous amounts of positive feedback from other countries as well. She said that social media has given her a platform where she could magnify her efforts to advertise her product. She also said that her company has strong online relationships with social media fans.

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