Markets throughout the world are going through a great focus shift these days. In the recent past, there was a very scarce emphasis by the market leaders in CAPEX investments mainly because of the uncertainty and less value of the fixed assets. But now the markets around the globe are reevaluating their approach toward CAPEX, mobile and Cloud platforms and we have seen an immense amount of cash inflows in the fixed assets domain. R&D is another sector from the CAPEX domain that is promising long-term benefits and money for the enterprises.

CA, Inc. (NASDAQ: CA) CEO, Mike Gregoire, is of the view that there has been a significant growth in the R&D sector and Cloud domain after an outburst of mobile applications, Cloud security needs and software market elevation. In an interview on Fox News, Gregoire said that his company is consistently focusing on R&D and there is a great market potential in any big investment made in the apps sector.

“We really do three things. We do a lot of infrastructure making sure things run well, a lot of back office, processing, we do a lot of work with respect to the Cloud and a lot of work in security and dev ops,” claimed Gregoire.


In response to the question that whether companies are really spending money on CAPEX and long term asset growth, Gregoire said that companies are now focusing on R&D and Cloud platforms and there is a great trend fluctuation in the investment decision making process

When asked about the overall business growth and chances, CA Technologies CEO said that business orientation and options largely depend upon your location as the micro and macro-economic factors are massively dependent upon the societal attributes

 “I think that it’s a little touchy depending on which area of the world you are in,” said Gregoire.

Gregoire was quite positive about CA, Inc. (NASDAQ: CA) future prospects in business and said that his company’s main focus will be R&D and that’s where the profits will come from. He also claimed that his company is well placed in the security domain of the market which is of paramount importance in the modern day world.

“We spend $660 million on R&D, those are applications we are building, we’ve a very strong balance sheet…$3.3bn in cash,” Gregoire stated.

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