Canadian Dividend Stocks With Over 3% Yield


Canada’s banks and insurers were recently allowed to restart dividend increases, propelling the market to new highs. The Canadian economy’s good mood was boosted by the earnings season, which saw several companies report market-beating results. On November 5, 18 TSX firms set new 52-week highs. The easing of restrictions indicates that Canada’s economy has recovered from the COVID-19 issue. At the height of the virus scare in 2020, the Canadian government implemented dividend increases and stock buybacks restrictions. It had also made it easier for banks to have cash on hand. The S&P/TSX composite index rose 0.43 percent to 21,433.4 points on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Banks and finance equities gained 0.8 percent in general. Top value choices are recommended for investors looking to profit from the Canadian economy’s current expansion.

Here is Insider Monkey’s list of the 10 Canadian dividend stocks with over 3% yield. Shaw Communications Inc. is a communications corporation that provides cable, satellite, and wireless services. Over the same period, revenue increased by more than 2% to C$1.3 billion. Canadian Natural Resources Limited has a market capitalization of $49 billion and revenue of over $13 billion last year. The company declared a quarterly dividend of C$0.5875 per share, up from the previous payment by more than 25%. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce is a Toronto-based diversified financial services company. The company recently announced that it has reached an arrangement with Costco, the world’s largest retailer. The bank will be in control of the Canadian Costco credit card portfolio as part of the agreement. Another Canadian banking corporation with a high dividend yield is Bank of Nova Scotia. The bank is largely based in Canada, although it also operates in the United States, Mexico, Columbia, and the Caribbean. The company’s market capitalization exceeds $80 billion. Another Canadian banking institution with a high dividend yield is the Bank of Nova Scotia. Although the bank is headquartered in Canada, it also has offices throughout the United States, Mexico, Columbia, and the Caribbean. The corporation is worth more than $80 billion on the stock market. For more details, click 10 Canadian Dividend Stocks With Over 3% Yield.