Castoreum Usage in Products Made For Humans


For starters, do you know what castoreum is? It is the excretion from the castor sacs and it is used by beavers to mark their territory along with the urine. But besides this natural usage, did you know that castoreum is also used in some products designed for humans? And how prevailing is the castoreum usage in products made for humans?
Every industry area uses castoreum to improve their products, which is why they are high percentage of it in food we consume every day, as well as the chemical products such as cleaning products and even perfumes. The country that seems to appreciate the castoreum the most and developed the whole industry based on harvesting castoreum is Canada. The government found the way of improving their economy, by paying the trappers to collect the castoreum that is later resold by the government in industrial purposes. No matter how disgusting this may seem, but we are all eager for more natural products and by using castoreum, we are actually leaning forwards that goal.
Castoreum is approved by FDA as a natural ingredient, which allows the manufacturers to use it for every purpose they can think of without getting any consequences. The best thing is that the usage of castoreums is not proven to have any consequences at all.
If you would compare natural products from your garden with some frozen bought goods, you may notice that the smell are almost identical, if not even the strongest. The reason, in most cases, is not the chemicals they are injecting, but the castoreums shots. And why don’t they advertise it? Well, be honest, would you use the product you knew that it contained beaver’s urine? Of course not. But what you don’t know can’t hurt you, right?
And now, for all the ladylike women and too mascular men who are disgusted any time they pass next to some farm, we represent you beaver anal gland: 5 brands that use castoreum in perfumes.