Cheap Small-Cap Stocks To Buy


Investing in low-cost small-cap stocks can be a lucrative prospect for astute investors. According to the UBS Group, the average difference in returns between small caps and the broader market over the last 20 years has been 2.4 percent. The Russell 2000, which tracks small-cap stocks, has gained 44.7 percent in the previous year, surpassing the Russell 1000’s 32.9 percent rise. According to a Wall Street Journal story, Russell 2000 had its tenth consecutive profitable month in June.

Insider Monkey analyzes the list of 10 best cheap small-cap stocks to buy. High Tide Inc. ranks tenth. It is a marijuana retailer that also distributes and makes consumption accessories. In Ontario, Canada, the company plans to expand from 18 to 30 outlets. OrganiGram Holdings Inc. ranks ninth. The company focuses on providing patients and consumers in Canada with high-quality, indoor-grown cannabis. It has expanded its SHRED product line to include cannabis-infused sweets. The selection of the top cheap small-cap companies to purchase includes Electrameccanica Vehicles Corp. It is a Canadian electric vehicle manufacturer and designer. The SOLO is the company’s signature product, an innovative, purpose-built single-seat car. Ocugen, Inc. is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical business specializing in developing and discovering gene therapies to treat various retinal illnesses. The company is also developing Covid-19 vaccines. By July 2021, Ocugen has risen from $0.30 per share in July 2020 to $7.80 per share. Prospect Capital Corporation is the sixth best inexpensive small-cap company to purchase on our list. The firm invests in middle-market companies with both financing and equity. Prospect Capital Corporation has returned 39.7% to stockholders since the beginning of the year. For more details, click 10 Cheap Small-Cap Stocks To Buy.

10 Cheap Small-Cap Stocks to Buy