Cheap Space Stocks Popular On Reddit


The space industry was one of the few sectors of the economy that was spared the brunt of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Deloitte analysis listed satellite broadband, space exploration, and militarization as major space sub-sectors. In 2020, the space industry was expected to launch 41 satellites, somewhat less than the five-year average of 43. In 2020, more than $25 billion will have been invested in space-related activities. In 2021, this figure is expected to increase by nearly 16 percent year over year. The cost of launching a satellite has dropped from $200 million to around $60 million in the last ten years. Private corporations are making significant investments in space technologies. Some of the best space stocks have yet to be listed on the stock exchange. Blue Origin is worth more than $10 billion, while SpaceX is valued at around $74 billion.

Here is Insider Monkey’s list of the 10 cheap space stocks popular on Reddit. Leonardo S.p.a. has a market capitalization of about $4.6 billion and revenue of over €16.8 billion last year. For the space sector, the firm manufactures and sells a variety of technological and security products. Thales S.A. has a market capitalization of nearly $21 billion and revenue of more than €20 billion last year. The company was started in 1893 and now employs over 78,000 people worldwide. Rocket Lab USA, Inc. is a California-based aerospace firm that develops and distributes rocket launch and control systems. On September 9, Canaccord Research initiated coverage of Rocket Lab with a Buy rating and a $30 price target. Astra Space, Inc. is rated seventh. The company was one of the cheapest stocks on the market because it was the first pure rocket launch company to go public in the United States. The company is based in Virginia and sells data and analytics from space to the cloud. It focuses on the tracking of global datasets gathered from a constellation of nanosatellites. On our list of 10 cheap space stocks popular on Reddit, Spire Global, Inc. is ranked sixth. For more details, click 10 Cheap Space Stocks Popular On Reddit.

10 Cheap Space Stocks Popular On Reddit