Today we are going to learn about Chuck Akre’s top 5 stock holdings, based on Insider Monkey’s latest article. CoStar Group, Inc. ranks fifth on the compilation. Akre has increased his holding in Costar recently by 0.75% worth of $892.8 million. It was 2019 when Akre started a position in CoStar with purchasing 250k shares and kept buying shares until he reached 965.96k shares, accounting for nearly 6.03% of his total portfolio. The firm’s shares price boosted by almost 29% during the last year. CoStar offers online marketplace analytics and information for the United States’ and the United Kingdom’s commercial real estate industry. They provide a large research department, several participating organizations, and comprehensive national databases. Recently, the company reported to have purchased Homesnap Inc. that is involved in serving an intuitive technology facilitating the buying and selling activity for residential real estate agents and customers. The deal was arranged in cash at a value of $250 million. As the platform is used by active agents, it is projected to reach 400,000 compared to former 100,000. CoStar is followed by Visa Inc. on the fourth spot. Akre initiated a position in Visa in 2012 as a part of his long-run investment strategy. The stock means 7.75% of his portfolio with 5.24 million shares. Visa shares haven’t really changed in the past twelve months, but its quarterly dividend raised by $0.02 per share. Average 5-year increase was around 20%, so this 6.67% increase was fairly below the average. Visa is a worldwide known payment technology company, which provides digital payments for financial institutions, big players in the economy, merchants and consumers. It is projected to benefit more in the future, as cash is gradually but entirely displaced by digital payments. Lately, Visa also started crypto services, and their customers will be able to buy, hold and trade major crypto currencies. Moody’s Corporation ranks the second biggest holdings of Chuck Akre, with a position worth of $1.63 billion. Akre has owned shares in the company since 2012 and currently possesses 5.6 shares meaning 11.05%% of his portfolio. The company is among the largest credit rating agencies that is divided into two segments: Moody’s Analytics and Moody’s Investors Service. The economical crisis didn’t strike the company, as credit rating services boosted under these extreme circumstances. If you are eager to see more detailed information about Chuck Akre’s top 5 stock holdings, please click and see the entire article.


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