Citizenship By Investment in Turkey: 5 Things To Know


Citizenship can easily be acquired in Turkey, if you have enough money for it. They do not sell citizenship like a commodity of course, but in essence, if you are willing to make a large investment in Turkey’s economy, you can easily become a Turkish citizen. But the process is not as straight forward as it sounds. There are a lot of legal and economic criteria that one potential investor must fulfill before being eligible for this opportunity. Also, there are some conditions to be met by the potential investor after he/she acquires the citizenship as well. All in all, if you are seriously considering this method to acquire a citizenship of Turkey, then I cannot recommend the following article enough to you. Our researchers have done a great job of listing the 5 most important things to know about this process in a neat little article. Which is absolutely necessary for anyone interested in this process to read. Unfortunately, in this short intro I cannot get into further details. However, I will most certainly point you in the direction of the full article where you can see it for yourself.

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