If you are interested in learning new skills and gain some more interesting experience for  no money at all, there are bunch of classes in NY you can attend for free.
Nowadays you can learn a bunch of things by sitting in your own chair in front of your own computer in your own house. There are plenty of written and video materials on YouTube and many other sites that can teach you to cook, repair things around your house, programming, provide the school material for students of all grades et cetera, but there is no better feeling than practising along with the best professional teachers in certain area and the other group of people willing to learn the same skills. Besides the learning part, many courses also have the entertainment part, because they tend to attract more customers. But this doesn’t matter as long as you are having fun and don’t need to pay extra cash for it.
You can also make it a family or a friend tradition by getting around few people from your family or circle of friends and ask them to join you on a jurney of becoming a new sushi chef, or a new mechanical engineer, or whatever else is offered out there.
You can attend The Moments Class. Along with having fun taking the picture of nature, your family and friends whenever you go, you will get a chance to learn how to take those pictures the best by yourself instead of hiring professional photographer to follow you and your people wherever you go and put the photos through photoshop or whatever else.
Or you can learn a new language with Literacy partners or you can take classes at NYC Department of education that offer 800-days-long costless studies for adults or any other 25 free classes in NYC for adults. NYC is the place where you can see, learn and experience everything from scratch. Why wouldn’t you give it a try?