Cochineal Insects Products: 7 Foods Made With Crushed Bugs


The very word bugs is enough to make you feel squeamish. Most of us just have an innate fear of bugs and every thing related to bugs. Even if you are not afraid of bugs, you certainly are disgusted by them to say the least. Did you know that some of your favorite food items actually contain crushed bugs in them? I am sure you did not know that. Well, now you can never go back. Since we have told you this much, we would also specify and point a few fingers towards those responsible companies as well. The thing is, there is a bug called Cochineal from which the natural dye carmine is derived. The die is edible and is not harmful to humans in anyway. However, we would not want to put anything that is edible in our mouth would we? I am sure you will be quite surprised to learn about the companies that are involved in Cochineal extract scandals. As you already know, I am unable to provide you with further details in this short intro article as I do not want to spoil the main article for you. Without further ado, let me show you how you can access the full article.

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