Computer Task Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:CTG), watched four Directors raise their stakes in the company. Directors William D. McGuire, Randall L. Clark, and Thomas E. Baker all purchased 1,130 shares of common stock at an average of $16.78 per share; while David H. Klein bought 1,121 shares at an average of $16.78 per share. Following these transactions, McGuire directly holds 28,873 shares; Clark directly has 53,773 shares; Baker is holding 74,873 shares directly; and Klein directly holds 2,336 shares in the $305.21 million market cap information technology company.

In addition, there are two hedge funds with substantial holdings in Computer Task Group, Inc.(NASDAQ:CTG). Royce & Associates, the hedge fund run by Chuck Royce, increased it’s activity by 16% over the last quarter, and now holds 801,033 shares worth about $13.6 million; while Robert G. Moses‘ Rgm Capital maintained it’s position, reporting no change in it’s exposure with the company over the last quarter, and is now holding 92,542 shares worth approximately $1.6 million.

Disclosure: The author, Daniel Forstein, holds no positions in any stocks mentioned.