Con-way Inc (CNW)’s Director R. Edith Perez sells 1,475 shares


Con-way Inc (NYSE:CNW)’s director R. Edith Perez sold on an open market transaction this past August 26th 1,475 shares of Common Stock. These were sold at a weighted average price of $51.31, for a total value of $75,685. Following the filing, Ms. Perez directly owns 10,084.184 shares of this firm engaged in providing transportation, logistics and supply-chain management services to various manufacturing, industrial and retail customers.

Throughout the month of August, several insiders on record have also been reducing its stake on Con-way Inc (NYSE:CNW). Outstanding is the case of Jr Leo Robert Bianco, who has disposed over 80,000 shares, at a weighted average price of $51.14 each. Also, the third and fifth largest hedge fun shareholders that we keep track on have reduced their exposure to the company. Respectively, Robert Bishop’s Impala Asset Management –owner of over a million shares- has done so by 20% and Jonathan Barret And Paul Segal’s Luminus Management –owner of 289,294 shares- has reduced it by 31%.

Disclosure: Pamela Gaviño holds no position in any stocks or funds mentioned. 

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