Cryptocurrencies Reddit Is Buying For The Next Bull Run


Mid-April saw the price of the most widely used cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, rise to an all-time high of around $65,000 USD. During the summer, the price of the coin plunged by nearly half to around $30,000. Ether and Bitcoin, two other cryptocurrencies that experienced similar highs and lows, followed suit. Cryptocurrencies are being touted by Redditors as a reliable inflation hedge. Global cryptocurrency markets are expected to grow to over $4 billion by 2022, according to a report. NVIDIA Corporation and Mastercard Incorporated are two of the best crypto stocks to buy right now.

Insider Monkey highlights the 10 cryptocurrencies Reddit is buying for the next bull run. In order to trade coins, Loopring uses the same network as Uniswap. Loopring’s primary competitive advantage is the low cost of its trades. Loopring’s rise to prominence has been aided by the support of institutions such as Visa. For a fraction of the price of Bitcoin, Fantom is a viable alternative. The “aBFT Proof-of-Stake” consensus mechanism is used by Fantom, which places an emphasis on safety over speed. More than 2.5 billion of the coin’s supply have already been mined. Users of Polkadot’s network are well-known on Reddit because it allows them to build their own blockchain solutions. It’s clear that Polkadot’s integration with PayPal Holdings, Inc. is critical to the company’s long-term prospects. Investors on Reddit are looking for high-quality cryptocurrency investments. As a cryptocurrency, Ripple is often referred to as one of the “safest” bets. Ripple developers created the coin as an alternative to SWIFT payments for their cross-border money exchange platform, where the coin is used. The Polygon network, which acts as a framework for Ethereum-based blockchain networks, makes use of Polygon as a currency. Over the last few weeks, the value of the coin has increased by over 30%. By market capitalization, it is now one of the top 15 most valuable coins in the world. For more details, click the 10 Cryptocurrencies Reddit Is Buying For The Next Bull Run.