David Zorub’s Parsifal Capital Management’s Top Stocks


David Zorub, the chief investment officer of Parsifal Capital Management, created the investment and asset management firm in 2018. The Greenwich-based firm has an 80.82 percent concentration of its top ten holdings, with Hilton Grand Vacations Inc. being the largest.

Insider Monkey discusses the top stock picks of David Zorub’s Parsifal Capital Management. David Zorub’s Q2 portfolio includes Zynga Inc. Zynga uses the Chartboost technology to monetize digital adverts, a significant revenue source for the gaming company. The American business Axalta Coating Systems Ltd. specializes in coatings for the industrial and materials sectors. Parsifal Capital Management has a $74.5 million holding in the company, which accounts for 6.08 percent of its Q2 portfolio. Global Payments Inc. is owned by Parsifal Capital Management, which has 420,376 shares worth $78.83 million. Small, mid-cap, enterprise-level, and global companies all benefit from the company’s experience. Its Q3 sales was $2 billion, which was $10.29 million higher than experts’ forecasts. Darling Ingredients Inc. creates sustainable ingredients for customers in the pet food, fuel, bioenergy, and fertilizer industries using edible and non-edible bionutrients. The company’s basic assumption is to use natural resources to provide sustainable food, energy, and fuel products to a growing population. Fidelity National Financial, Inc. is a title insurance company that also offers settlement services and closing and escrow services. It is one of David Zorub’s best stock picks. The company’s Q3 earnings per share came in at $2.12, exceeding expectations by $0.48. For more details, click David Zorub’s Parsifal Capital Management’s Top 10 Stocks.

David Zorub's Parsifal Capital Management's Top 10 Stocks