American Equity Investment Life Holding (NYSE:AEL)’s Director J J A Alonzo Strickland acquired 1,000 shares of common stock, at a price of $ 11 per share. The stock procured was exempted pursuant to Rule 16b-3. Following this transaction, Mr. Strickland now directly owns 207,000 shares at the $1.77 billion market cap Life Insurance Company. The company hadn’t witnessed any insider transaction since 2012, when Vp. And controller A. Scott Samuelson purchased 315 shares, at an average price of $12.04, and Vp James Ronald Grensteiner, acquired 825 shares at $ 11.36 per share.

Additionally, two important hedge funds have increased their stake at American Equity Investment Life Holding (NYSE:AEL) over the last reported quarter. Ken Fisher’s Fisher Asset Management increased its activity by 28%, and currently holds over 3 million shares, worth more than $71 million, and accounting for 0.16% of the fund’s Equity Portfolio. Moreover, Ric Dillon’s hedge fund, Diamond Hill Capital, increased its stake by 3% the last reported quarter, and now holds over 1.3 million shares, valued at $31, amount which represents 0.26% of their Equity Portfolio.

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