Director Termeer at ABIOMED, Inc. (ABMD) Procured 8,000 Shares


Director at ABIOMED, Inc. (NASDAQ:ABMD) Henri Termeer has acquired 8,000 shares of common stock, $0.01 par value, at a price of $10.4 per share. The stock was procured as “exercise or conversion of derivative security exempted pursuant to Rule 16b-3”, (SEC).

Following this transaction, Mr. Termeer currently holds 298,138 securities at the Advanced Medical Equipment & Technology Company. Last reported insider transaction at the company was Termeer’s 43,983 share acquisition during Q1 2013 and 156,017 during second quarter. Prior to these acquisitions, last reported insider movement was Director Martin Sutter’s purchase of 25,000 shares.

Additionally, William Leland Edwards’ hedge fund Palo Alto Investorsreduced its activity by 18% at ABIOMED, Inc. (NASDAQ:ABMD), but still holds more than 2 million shares, worth more than $57 million, representing around 4.7% of the fund’s Equity Portfolio. Recent activity from Andrew Feldstein And Stephen Siderow’s Blue Mountain Capital has been reported during the last quarter, which is currently holding more than 1,6 million shares, which account for 0.68% of its Equity Portfolio, and have an estimated value of $41 million.

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