Dividend Stocks To Buy According To Billionaire Jeffrey Talpins


Jeffry Talpins’ hedge fund has been one of the asset management industry’s best performers. Element Capital Management has Talpins as its CIO and CEO. The fund’s adaptable thinking and thorough analysis have aided in the evolution of its strategy over time. The 13F portfolio of Element Capital Management is worth over $1.5 billion. During the year, the hedge fund gained 18.8%, with nearly $2 billion in earnings returned to stockholders. During the quarter, the hedge fund’s investments were led by the healthcare, services, and consumer goods sectors.

Insider Monkey focuses on the dividend stocks in Jeffrey Talpins’ portfolio.  Mondelez International, Inc. is a confectionery and food holding corporation based in the United States. It presently pays a $0.35 per share quarterly dividend, which was increased by 11% in 2021. The CAGR of the company’s dividend over the last five years is 13.4 percent. In Q4 2021, Element Capital’s fifth-largest holding was The Proctor & Gamble Company. The hedge fund has a $103 million investment in the company, accounting for 6.61 percent of Jeffrey Talpins’ overall portfolio. In the fourth quarter of 2021, 48 hedge funds held stakes in the firm, down from 54 the previous quarter. These interests are worth more than $2 billion in total. The company now pays a $0.45 per share quarterly dividend with a dividend yield of 2.36 percent. Johnson & Johnson was Element Capital’s fourth-largest investment in 2021, accounting for 6.99 percent of its 13F portfolio. The company has a 59-year dividend increase track record, which is the longest in the healthcare industry. General Mills, Inc. declared a quarterly dividend of $0.51 per share on March 9, with a dividend yield of 3.14 percent. Insider Monkey found 36 hedge funds had positions in the company, up from 32 in the previous quarter. For more details, click  10 Dividend Stocks To Buy According To Billionaire Jeffrey Talpins.