Dividend Stocks To Buy According To James Katz’s Humankind Investments


Auto loans, banking, credit cards, and savings accounts are the areas of expertise of Virginia-based Capital One Financial Corporation, a bank holding corporation. The business reported a 2.22 percent increase in credit card delinquency rates in May, up from a 2.18 percent increase in April. The Humankind US Stock ETF, the first exchange-traded fund created by Humankind Investments, gained 16.88 percent from its launch in February 2021 and had assets under management of approximately $111 million by the end of 2021. The fund chooses investments that add value for customers, investors, and members of society at large.

Insider Monkey discusses 10 dividend stocks in James Katz’s portfolio. Deere & Company has a very long history of paying dividends, having done so every quarter since 1990. Due to a competitive labor market that has driven up costs for American producers, the business stated it would move its tractor cab production from Iowa to Mexico. The Proctor & Gamble Company is a consumer goods business with headquarters in Ohio that sells a variety of personal care and hygiene items. A quarterly dividend of $0.9133 per share, up 5% from the preceding distribution, was announced by the firm. Consumer healthcare services are offered by HCA Healthcare, Inc., which owns hundreds of hospitals and clinics around the US. The business intends to work with McKesson to establish a fully integrated oncology research organization to expand patients’ access to effective cancer treatments. American Water Works Business, Inc. is a public utility company with headquarters in New Jersey that offers water and wastewater services across the US. Humankind Investments increased its stake in AWK by 22% with the purchase of an additional 2,229 shares. The 41,859 PFE shares owned by Humankind Investments were worth more than $2.1 million. For the previous 334 quarters, Pfizer Inc. has continuously distributed dividends. As of June 28, the company’s yield was 3.11 percent, and its payout ratio was 28 percent. For more details, click 10 Dividend Stocks To Buy According To James Katz’s Humankind Investments.