Dividend Stocks Under $20


Investors who are in search of high dividends stocks containing lofty yields usually obtain equities with a substantial distribution of income which is highly outside of the targeted price range of the investors. In this article, the list of 10 companies offering dividend stocks under $20 is discussed as mentioned by Insider Monkey’s post. These dividend stocks are fulfilling the additional requirements to make sure there are more chances of high returns during the near term. As the dividend yield is the common ratio of the annual dividend which is divided by the current price of share – an increase in yield may be a misleading metric. The dividend yield will go up with a sudden drop in the price of shares. This robust improvement in dividend yield might appear attractive. Losses from such a reduction in share price, however, will usually outweigh gains from increasing distributions of dividends to deliver total overall losses. 

Let start with the companies mentioned in the list. Vertiv Holdings Co. is topping the list as suggested by 10 analysts in the Marketbeat Ratings reports. In this report, 8 analysts have provided a “buy” rating, 1 analyst has provided a “hold” rating, and a stock rating is given by 1 analyst.  The average target price for 12 months is $20.14. A “hold” stock rating is given by Zaks Investment Research in their report which changed its status from buy to sell. Evercore ISI issues the price objective of $21 for the company along with an “outperform” rating. While the price objective on the company has been increased by Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft from $20 to $22 along with giving a “buy” rating to the stock. Wolfe Research provided an objective price of $23 for VRT and issued an “outperform” rating for the stock. Lastly, a “sell” rating is given by ValueEngine in their report on December 16. 

The second company on the list is Kinder Morgan, Inc. According to the predictions of Brokerages, the sales of Kinder Morgan will be $3.01 billion during the current quarter of this year. For the earnings of Kinder Morgan, estimates have been given by 5 analysts. The lowest estimated sales of the company are $2.85 billion and the highest estimated sales are of $3.15 billion. During the same quarter of last year, the sales reported by the company were $3.35 billion and this indicates a negative growth rate year-over-year. There are still many dividend stocks to know about, you can learn more here at Insider monkey’s post “10 Best Dividend Stocks Under $20.” 

Dividend Stocks Under $20