Do Aliens Really Exist?


Do aliens really exist? This is the question that has been bothering all generations. While some people are convinced that there are aliens transformed in humans, living and walking among us. There are the ones on the other hand that believes that aliens exist in one particular form and live on the other planets, occasionally visiting planet Earth. Of course, as people say, hatters are gonna hate, there are always the ones who disagree with everything until there is a real, touchable proof. Well, let’s try to convince them with some of the proofs we harvested so far.

If aliens are just a myth, would there be so many scientists out there giving the greatest effort to find them? There were some researchers that discovered life on another planet, so, if we were able to walk on the Moon, why wouldn’t aliens be able to walk on the Earth? Seriously, why is there so much discrimination?
There is a theory of Area 51 where, apparently, people live and work in a community with aliens. If you would ask some employee, they will all deny it. But there are many video captured proofs of aliens walking into the area 51, acting normal around the people and vice versa.
On the other hand, there are many people claiming and video recording their appearance. Speaking of it, there are many people claiming that they have been taken as hostages by aliens. Is it true or not? We are not the ones to judge. Everything is possible until proven not to be, right? Well, we don’t have any particular proof of people levitating towards the UFOs, but something even better. What if we told you that there were several proofs of UFOs found under the sea or a ground and captured by scientists? Well, we found their observation and would be delightful to share it with you. Here are 5 indisputable proofs of aliens visiting Earth, so see for yourself.