Do You Have What It Takes to Join Mensa?


Becoming a member of Mensa is a great honor. It only collects genius, which is, according to them only the 2% of the entire population. Do you have what it takes to join Mensa?
Believe it or not, it is not that hard to join if you have enough logical thinking and the high IQ. Their tests do not require the knowledge of nuclear physics, but just to sit down and think straight. You are given the simple questions, with logical explanations, so don’t be nervous if you apply. Only think.
Also, try not to be alarmed by the fact that there is only 2% of the entire population entitled to join the Mensa. Today’s population counts 7.5billion people and this number is still rising, which means that 2% are, for now, one hundred fifty million people eligible to join Mensa right away. But don’t be fooled either by this number, as the tests are compiled to check the way you think, and if your tests are not scored high, you will be left back to watch 134,000 Mensa members who took this test seriously and showed the board what they really know. When you go to the Mensa’s official website, you can find the Mensa Workout, where you will be offered 30 questions to check your capability of getting in. This doesn’t mean that you will automatically get the access to Mensa, but it will show you the clear image of where you were standing in that moment.
To be honest, although I work as a writer, the hardest part for me were the questions with mixed letters of which I was supposed to make a word. Don’t know why, but my brain was never able to work like this. But maybe yours is.
But there are actually 8 Mensa IQ test questions you need to answer to join Mensa, and if you fail, there is no chance you will find out what’s behind that door. Check them out and check that Workout we talked about and see if you are eligible to increase the number of members with your presents.