Does Religion Have Anything to Do With Science?


While religious people tend to refer everything in the world to their religion including science, scientists all around the world are tending to announce their revealings based only on facts. And while the religious ones claim that religion does have something to do with science, scientists highly disagree on that.
Even 10,5% of Nobel Prize winners are atheists. Nobel Prize is, besides science, also given for literacy and peace, but it still is a high number, giving the circumstances.
If you would ask some people who dedicated their life to God if the religion has anything to do with science, they will, in most cases confirm it. According to them while quoting the Bible, we are all God’s creatures and everything around us that comes naturally is God giving. And even though God wasn’t included in some inventions by present, he is still big part of it. They claim that buildings would not be built if God didn’t create sand and water. Cosmetic products couldn’t be made without substances that God created. Even the apple wouldn’t fall on Isac Newtown’s head if God didn’t make the apple tree.
On the other hand, there are scientists who make great effort to prove that many facts from the Bible are false. Mostly, they are concentrated on the parts where Jesus Christ turned water into wine and the part where Moses split the water and crossed the Red Sea. In the eyes of the science, this isn’t and wasn’t ever possible.
But religious people still claim that mirracles can happen and will fight their best to prove they are right.
These are just crossed opinions, but both are based on the beliefs. While religious people are believing in things that they can’t see, scientists believe only in what they can touch, see, smell or hear. If not the river, at least this is where it splits. If not all, but at least according to these 15 most famous atheist nobel prize winners.