DTS Inc. (DTSI), NVE Corp (NVEC),Mercury Systems Inc (MRCY): Trigran Investments Top 3 Picks


Trigran Investments has released its latest quarterly 13F report. In this article, we will review the fund’s top three picks. Trigran has the strongest positions in DTS Inc. (NASDAQ:DTSI), NVE Corp (NASDAQ:NVEC) and Mercury Systems Inc (NASDAQ:MRCY) respectively.

Trigran Investments has the biggest position in DTS Inc. (NASDAQ:DTSI). The fund has 1,057,772 shares of the company worth $26 million. As of last quarterly report, the investment group had 1,099,537 shares of DTS Inc. (NASDAQ:DTSI) which worth around $20 million. This depicts a sizable decrease in stock investments in the company by the group. Among other famous shareholders of DTS Inc. (NASDAQ:DTSI) include Chuck Royce’s Royce and Associates. DTS reported its last purchase back in May this year. DTS Inc. (NASDAQ:DTSI) stock was sold in September this year by Kris Graves at $24 per share price.

NVE Corp (NASDAQ:NVEC) is the second biggest position held by the investment group in the latest published 13F report. It has 370,959 shares of the company worth $23 million. In the last quarter, the group had 433,494 shares of NVE Corp (NASDAQ:NVEC) which worth $24 million. Hence, the group has depleted its holding in the company. D.E. Shaw’s D.E Shaw is one of the other famous shareholders of NVE Corp (NASDAQ:NVEC). The company reported its last sales in August this year at $69 per share.

Mercury Systems Inc (NASDAQ:MRCY) is the third biggest position held by Trigran Investments. The group has 1,791,029 shares of the company worth $19 million. Last quarter, it had 1,662,351 share of Mercury Systems Inc (NASDAQ:MRCY) worth $18 million. This shows an increase in holding on the company by investment group. Chuck Royce’s Royce and Associates is one of the other shareholders of Mercury Systems Inc (NASDAQ:MRCY). The company reported its last purchase in 2012. The stock was sold at $11 share price a few days ago by Mark Aslett.

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