Emeritus Corporation (ESC), Brookdale Senior Living, Inc. (BKD), The Ensign Group, Inc. (ENSG) and Gentiva Health Services, Inc. (GTIV): Top ‘Living centers’ Stocks


Taking care of an aging population has given rise to companies that provide the much needed care to the elderly.  Dominic Chu, on CNBC took notice of Emeritus Corporation (NYSE:ESC), Brookdale Senior Living, Inc. (NYSE:BKD), Gentiva Health Services, Inc. (NASDAQ:GTIV) and The Ensign Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:ENSG) as some of the stocks that have performed exceedingly well in the market over the past five years.

Emeritus Corp.

On the real estate side of things, Emeritus Corporation (NYSE:ESC) takes the pole position as a top ‘boomers’ age stock that operates senior living centers for Americans. Emeritus shares are up by 50% this year alone, making them worth more than $1.5 billion over the past five years. Brookdale Senior Living, Inc. (NYSE:BKD)  is another attractive stock in the real estate segment of living centers, with the same model as Emeritus Corporation (NYSE:ESC). Its stock is already 25% up since the start of the year.

Brookdale Senior Living, Inc. (NYSE:BKD) market cap currently stands at $4.288 billion with its stock having soared by over 280%, over the past five years. Emeritus Corporation (NYSE:ESC) and Brookdale Senior Living, Inc. (NYSE:BKD) are merging to create one of the largest players in the healthcare industry with up to 11000 centers across the U.S…“These two companies are merging to create a huge healthcare player in the real estate side of things,  1100 centers between the two of them, ” said Mr. Chu.

On the home care part of things, Mr. Chu noted Gentiva Health Services, Inc. (NASDAQ:GTIV) that is 24% up this year having remained flat over the past five years. Gentiva Health Services, Inc. (NASDAQ:GTIV) is currently subject of bids from Kindred Healthcare, Inc. (NYSE:KND). It is still unclear whether Kindred will be successful in its attempts. “This guys are subject of a bid from another competitor, kindred healthcare, they are trying to look at buying these guys. They are trying, haven’t succeeded yet” said Mr. Chu.

The Ensign Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:ENSG) is another stock in the same space that is up 36% this year, having done a spinoff of its assets recently. Mr. Chu also pointed out Chemed Corporation (NYSE:CHE) that is up by 152% over the past five years. A closer look at The Ensign Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:ENSG) and  Chemed Corporation (NYSE:CHE) shows that they are trying to either merge, spin off or create a kind of action in the attempt of positioning themselves perfectly for the aging population, for the coming years.

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