Encore Capital Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:ECPG), saw a high level insider alter their position with the company through a move that resulted in a decrease in the insider’s exposure. Executive Vice President of U.S. Dept Purchasing and Operations Ashish Masih sold 2,087 shares of common stock at an average price of $44.23 through a transaction that began earlier this week and was officially filed today, August 22nd. Following the completion of this filing, Masih holds a total of 35,497 shares directly in the company. Moreover, Encore Capital Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:ECPG) is a $1.14 billion market cap company that is engaged in consumer debt buying and recovery. Encore purchases portfolios of defaulted consumer receivables at deep discounts to face value and use a variety of operational channels to maximize its collections from these portfolios.
In addition, the largest outside investment in the company comes from Billionaire Emauel J. Friedman‘s Ejf Capital fund, which saw a 17% rise in its activity over the course of the last fiscal quarter and now holds about 2.16 million shares worth about $98.3 million.
Disclosure: The author, Daniel Forstein, holds no positions in any stocks mentioned.
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