ESG Dividend Stocks To Buy


In the world of investing, a new trend called “ESG investing” has emerged. The rise of Corporate Social Responsibility programs inspired the use of the term. Oxford University and Arabesque Asset Management conducted a study and found that in 88% of cases, ESG practices improved the operational performance of the companies they examined. In 2020, sustainable equity funds outperformed their non-ESG counterparts by a median total return of 4.3 percent.

Insider Monkey has compiled the list of 10 ESG dividend stocks to buy. It is the mission of QUALCOMM, Inc. to create and commercialize cutting-edge wireless technology. For the past 11 years, the company has been increasing its dividend, and with an ESG score above 50, it is one of the best ESG dividend stock picks for investors. Energy services provider NextEra Energy, Inc. provides retail and wholesale customers in North America with the ability to buy and sell electricity. On the list, the company has the highest ESG score. ESG Score Tracker from S&P Global gives the company a 50. Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. shares were upgraded from Underweight to Equal Weight by Morgan Stanley in December. In the field of information technology, Texas Instruments Incorporated is a leader in the production and distribution of microchips. According to S&P Global, the company’s ESG score is 53, making it one of the best dividend-paying ESG stocks. Specialty chemicals and performance materials are the focus of Cabot Corporation’s business. Rubber reinforcing carbons, hoses, belts, and molded goods are among the company’s offerings. An ESG score of 60 makes this company a strong contender for investors looking for ESG dividend stocks. For more details, click 10 ESG Dividend Stocks To Buy.