The world revolves around money. If you have enough of it, then you can really have a good life. And most of us do what we do based on this assumption. It is only natural that we would come up with new and innovative techniques to make money. And high frequency trading or HFT is one of them. If you are willing to get into HFT, then the following article will definitely help you get a grasp of what HFT actually is. Our expert on this matter has written a very comprehensive article assuming that person reading will have little to idea about HFT to begin with, therefore, no matter what level of understanding you have of HFT, you will learn a great deal by going through the main article. Unfortunately, in this short intro, I will not be able to give you the details of HFT, but I can most certainly point you in the right direction. As always, in the full article you will be able to read extensively about the topic. And hopefully, investing in HFT will prove much more profitable for you.

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