Facebook Inc (FB) Could Monetize Its New Sticker App?


In an article on Fool, it was reported that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has plans to monetize from its new, weird, apparently pointless Stickered for Messenger app. The source said that Facebook is inundating its users will a plethora of apps in order to take over the smartphone and increase the ecosystem grip. WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) for Web, Instagram for photo sharing, all belongs to Facebook. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Messenger has around 500 million users. The company could get around $1 billion from its latest messaging apps. Sticker app for Facebook Messenger lets the users to put different stickers on photos and share them.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has a sticker store; all the stickers in the store are free. The source gave the example of Line messaging app, which has around $10 million revenue from Sticker ads and user-generated stream. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) messenger is used by 500 million users. If the company put a minute price on some parts of the Sticker store, this could turn out to be a major source of revenue.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is expected to generate over $17 billion revenue in the next year. The revenue growth will be 30%. An approximately $1 billion revenue increase from Sticker store will make a significant difference in Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) numbers. Line app has half the number of users than the Facebook Messenger app. The success of its sticker store depicts that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) could also monetize successfully on Stickers.

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