Facebook Inc (FB) Has 20 Million Dead Users?


In an article on CNBC, it was reported that there are thousands of profiles on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) whose users have passed away but they are still counted as active Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)  users and counted in company user base. The source quoted a survey from Internet Monitor, which says that Facebook users are increasing with a massive rate, so is the death rate. As a result, by 2130, “dead users” on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) will outnumber the alive users. There is no mechanism on Facebook which tracks the user status of Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB). If a user is not using his or her account for months or years, the account will remain there forever. This will in turn pose a creepy threat to Facebook engagement.

Another survey says that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) dead users can outnumber active living users by 2060. This is really alarming for Facebook and the company must devise a plan to tackle these possibilities. The article also quoted another fact from the same source and study which says that currently, there are around 10 to 20 million Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)  users who are no alive anymore. Their profiles are just there and there is no one to use them. They have expired and there is no date as to when these profiles will be shut down.

This factor is of immense importance while calculation of the user data, stats, customer base and Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) engagement. If 20 million users are subtracted from Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) total number of registered users, it will show a different side of picture in terms of website popularity and growth.

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