Could Facebook Inc (FB) Face Restrictions in Europe?


A new report has claimed that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is illegally tracking millions of users who don’t have an account on the social media platform. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)  is using its Like and Share plugins in different websites to track the web activity of a user who opens a Facebook page, even if he has not signed up for Facebook. This could lead to a privacy disaster. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)  is also accused of illegally using the mobile data and information of its users through its apps in order to get data for advertising in the past. The recent report, revealed by a Belgian data protection agency claims that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)  is harnessing data using its illegal data and web tracking activity in order to target ads. This latest report shows why Facebook is able to make massive progress in the ads domain. It clearly has an edge over other companies because of the illegal data tracking.

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The latest illegal data tracking by Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)  is a clear law violation according to EU law. According to EU law, all the websites which are using cookies must show a pop-up message or any kind of notification to tell the visitors that the website is using Cookies. Facebook is tracking the web activity by using its social media like and sharing plugins, which are hosted on more than 13 million websites all over the web. This data gives Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) an immense advantage over its ads competitors like Google and Twitter.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)  could face serious problems in its European operations if the report of illegal data tracking is proven true. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)  is yet to come up with an explanation on this latest report.

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