Facebook Inc (FB) is a Branding Medium: Sir Martin Sorrell


Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is primarily a branding medium said Sir Martin Sorrell in an interview on Bloomberg’s Bloomberg Surveillance.

The comment about Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) comes as a reaction to a quote that was shown to the WPP plc (NASDAQ:WPPGY) CEO in relation to how certain social networks tend to be skewed for users towards certain emotions.

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Bloomberg’s Scarlet Fu showed Sir Martin Sorrell the following quote written by Kevin Roose about Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) and other social networks:

“Twitter is snarky. Instagram is braggy. Pinterest is conformist. And Facebook has always been the earnest social network that aims for the amygdala by inviting users to…use the social graph as a therapy session.”

With a chuckle, the CEO of the multinational advertising and marketing firm reacted by saying that he sees Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) as primarily a branding medium, unlike Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) which has a presence in all sorts of web advertising. He was reacting to Fu asking whether people will eventually be fed up with Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) being an emotional social network.

“There is going to be a lot of movement in all these platforms. It’s extremely fashionable, if that is the point of the piece. I think Google, in its dominance, because it strides across these five areas I mentioned – from classic search to mobile to video…social and display advertising – has a breadth of coverage. My view has always been that Facebook is a branding medium: that it sets the context for brands rather than search which is very orientated towards selling and effectiveness. You have to balance the two. It’s interesting that people are starting to explore the emotional aspect to this because emotion was something that was meant to be just rooted in traditional advertising not in online stuff,” he said.

Watch the video below where Sir Martin Sorrell says that the surge in social media has relaxed since its onset.

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