Facebook Inc (FB) Messenger Privacy Concerns are Unwarranted: John Simons


Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is in the process of switching all the mobile messaging to its messenger app. People were not very comfortable using Facebook app and Facebook messenger app for two different purposes. The majority of the public were comfortable with messaging embedded in the Facebook app. The other major concern is the message that the users get when they download the messenger app.

Some users are concerned that they might give permissions to the Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) to delete their messages and access microphone data. Julia Boorstin of CNBC talked to John Simons, technology and media editor at Associated Press, about the concerns looming over the new Facebook Messenger app.

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Simons said that the users might not give any more of their personal data in messenger app, when compared to the Facbook’s current app. He thinks that there was a lot of misinformation about the messenger app in the past few days. He pointed out that this problem was mainly due to the communication gap between the Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) and the users.

Simons informed that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has posted an explanation related to the need for their new messenger app in the company’s blog. He also said that the majority of users does not read the blogs. Instead, he thinks the majority of people just listen and read the misinformations posted by friends and the other users.

“[…] The app does need permissions to use your microphone on your phone and to use the camera on your phone. But it’s only when you summon the app to communicate with a friend. That’s when it needs those permissions. What happens on the Android system on your phone is that the app when you install it, it explains in a list, what it needs permission to do and this is the list that frightened a lot of people initially […],” Simons added.

He added that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) requests for permission to use the camera and microphone, but he thinks that Facebook might not use that permissions to record the conversations or delete the messages, as many people fear. He added that the most important thing for the Facebook is to communicate with the users on the reasons behind the need of the messenger app and address their privacy concerns.

Simons also said that Facebook has become very personal to many people and whenever some slight changes were made to the app, the users get upset. He pointed out that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) needs to consider the users’ wishes before making these changes and communicate merits of the changes to the users. He is confident about the fact that Facebook would bounce back from this. He suggested that Facebook could post in the users’ feeds on what the new app can do and what it cannot do, in addition to the merits of using the new app.

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