Facebook Inc (FB) Secret Internal Data, SQL Passwords Leaked Online


In an article on Business Insider, it was reported that hackers on the web platform called Hacker News are discussing how easy it is to retrieve the secret user data from Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB). This is alarming because of the fact that there are billions of users of Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) and a single loophole in internet security of the company can cause a havoc. The security vulnerability was first revealed by a security expert Nathan Malcolm from Sinthetic Labs who said that he was working to get rid of an error when he came to know a lot about Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s internal world.

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PasteBin is the place which is the leak in Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) security. It is a place where developers dump a lot of text and data for further usage and referencing. The company is not keeping a keen check on how to secure this data. Hackers can use PasteBin information to get access to the more secure and private data.

Hackers have said that the secret Pastebin conversations and data dumps are clearly visible. Although they cannot lead to something useful but letting it roam around on the Google search results is far from the professional expectations from Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB).

Malcolm even got the Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) SQL password; but he thinks that this is useless unless  a hacker actually gets success in  breaking in the Facebook SQL servers. But still, Malcolm thinks, such a loose ended approach from Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is flummoxing.

The source quoted another hacker, who is ‘amazed’ on the number of passwords and usernames available in github, the repository used by coders. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) must take necessary actions to tighten up its internal security to avoid any catastrophe.

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