Online advertisements are taking over the web and social media juggernauts like Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) and Twitter are getting massive amounts of revenue from ads. There is another player in the ads revenue wishers list now: Pinterest. Social media scrapbook Pinterest is famous for its images based, cardboard like interface which imbibes millions of users because of its interesting, action based ‘Pins’, recipes, wishlists and stickers. But now, Pinterest is also trying to revamp its interface in order to monetize its user base in the coming years. In an article on CNBC, Lionel Bonaventure said that Pinterest has acquired a peculiar user base because of its interface over the year. It is now planning to monetize its fame on ads.

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Pinterest is coming up as an anti-Facebook website, said the source. From the start of 2015, Pinterest will offer online ads in its interface. Marketers, companies and individuals will be able to sponsor and promote their ads in the form of pins. Like Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), Pinterest can also get billions of revenue from ads in the coming future.

According to the source, Pinterest has around 70 million active users. The company targets the users based on shopping, travel, eating and hobbies interests. The source quoted Joanne Bradford, Pinterest’s partnership business head, who thinks that on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), people thinks about others, their friends whereas on Pinterest, people think about themselves, what they want to do, where they want to go.

Currently, Pinterset has no revenue stream and it cannot come even close to Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) in terms of monetization but the future can be bright for Pinterest. It is valued at around $5 billion.

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