Facebook Inc (FB) to help Nielsen Hldg NV (NLSN) track People’s Mobile TV Habit


Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is set to track what movies/TV shows people are watching on their mobiles, tablets, etc. This is to help Nielsen Hldg NV (NYSE:NLSN) learn more about the mobile TV watchers. Information such as age and gender of person and the TV shows/Movie that they are watching would be sent to Nielsen for their analysis. Previously Nielsen Hldg NV (NYSE:NLSN) tracked the meters on home television and in the ongoing digital age they realized that the old method is getting outdated and they need to do something different to get the data. What they do? Partner with Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) to collect the viewer’s trend data on gadgets. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), Priceline Group Inc (NASDAQ:PCLN), Pandora Media Inc (NYSE:P), Mark Mahaney's favorite stocks, is facebook a good stock to buy, is PCLN a good stock to buy As one might expect many people who advocates privacy may not be thrilled with this announcement. Julia Horwitz from Epic Consumer Protection Councel talked on Fox Business regarding this announcement.

Horwitz said that Mobile users should be careful and to an extent concerned, because without the users knowledge and acknowledgement, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) users personal data might get used to do some stuff.

She feels that this is actual inversion of users expectations. The data which Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) will collect includes the age and gender of a person watching a video to establish a trend of video watching on screens other than TV by different age groups. Nielsen Hldg NV (NYSE:NLSN) would use this data for advertisers to learn more about it.

Horwitz considers that even if the data collected is just age and gender of the users, it might not be very difficult to disaggregate the data and misuse it.

“It appears that Nielsen and Facebook are trying to anonymize the data that they collect and really look at it as aggregate data, but we have seen increasing trends of research scientists being able to pull data back apart. So I guess that is another risk too,” Horwitz added.