In an article on Fool, it was reported that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has a massive potential to take over big tech players in the field of mobile apps, mobile OS and mobile ecosystem. The company has a vast grasp and experience in mobile based user data. Its apps and mobile ad business has drastically increased. The source thinks that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) could make a mobile OS out of its massive user base. It is already rolling out many apps. Sticker app, Instagram, WhatsApp and many other mobile apps are now the property of Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB). The company is turning itself into a mobile juggernaut. Google and Microsoft are slowly getting out of the picture.

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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) recently bought Parse, a Cloud platform for app developers. The company is in good relations with app and game developers. It has also announced special discounts for the developers who port their apps on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) OS.

The source said that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) app store will be a huge success. The company could recommend its users apps using its app ad feed feature, coupled with a massive user data it has already collected with its Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) mobile and messenger apps.

The article said that people use their mobiles for playing games apart from using social media. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) can easily patch up with its slew of game developers and craft some sort of ecosystem to roll out games and apps at one place.

Integration with other platforms will have to be dealt with in the new Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) OS. A new Facebook OS and App store can be the next big thing from Mark Zuckerberg in 2015.

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