Facebook Inc (FB) v/s OkCupid: Experiments on The Human Psyche


When Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) had revealed that it had played with its users news feeds, it created a mini-crisis for the company. Everyone from the media to people on the Street has been complaining about how the company treated its users as guinea pigs and played with their emotions.

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OkCupid, one of the premier dating sites has also come clean recently, revealing that it has played with users’ profile to test its matching algorithm by selectively hiding their profile texts, pictures and showing matches to users that its own algorithm found non compatible. Even though OkCupid did a grosser thing than Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), neither the media nor the users created an uproar regarding it.

Tim Carmody, a guest blogger on Jason Kottke’s website, kottke.org, recently came with a list of reasons of why he thinks OkCupid act was taken lightly while Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) was hammered from all sides.

According to Carmody, the first and foremost reason is, it’s still pretty early for, a storm to brew up in the case of OkCupid as in the case of Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), it took days before the news of it playing with its users’ emotions became such a big issue. Carmody goes on to list that OkCupid’s user base are less likely to be troubled by such things than Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s users and the way users trust Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is way different than the way they trust OkCupid.

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