Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) is in a collision course with the Drug Enforcement and Administration Agency in what it claims to be an infringement of its terms of usage that applies to all users. The drug agency is accused of running a number of fake accounts as part of investigations into cases involving drug traffickers.

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The agency was recently sued by a New York woman after it emerged it had used her personal information to run a Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) account with a view of tracking other drug traffickers. A DEA agent is accused of creating and running a fake account using information he had retrieved from Sondra Arquiett. The agent is believed to have been using the fake account to track a number of drug-traffickers that are believed to have been in contact with Sondra in the past.

The justice department has already defended the agency arguing that Arquiett had given direct authorization for her information to be used in running the fake account. The DEA has already stated that it will analyze everything to see if the fake account went too far, in violating Facebook’s user’s policies. Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) wants the agency to confirm that is not running any other fake account in the background.

Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB)’s Chief Security Officer, Joe Sullivan, has reiterated that the drug agency is no exception or above the law and should be as truthful as other users. Using of real names on Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) has over the years been a contentious issue as the network continues to enforce the rule slowly. Arquiett has a filed a lawsuit and suing the agency for up to $250,000 in damages.

Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) argues that DEA’s actions threatens the integrity of its user base in  a day and age where people are becoming skeptical about the government actions in terms of spying on their privacy.

Ken Griffin‘s Citadel Investment Group held 4.58 million shares of Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) at the end of the second quarter of 2014.

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