Facebook Inc (FB)’s Future: Supreme Court To Decide Legal Status of Violent Comments and Statuses


The Supreme Court is all set to issue a verdict about the legal status of threats and violent comments people make about communities, individuals and countries. The court will decide that whether the violent comment posted on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) come under protection according to First Amendment’s protection of Free speech or not. This can have a wide influence in the coming days as more and more communities, groups and discussions take place on the social media platforms.

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The latest development heated up after a lower court in the US ordered Pennsylvania man Anthony Elonis four years in prison after he issued direct threats to his ex-wife on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB). Elonis posted rhymes and text about how he want to cut the throat of his ex-wife. Elonis’s lawyers were defending him on the basis of first amendment, which grants the freedom to post and use violent text, songs and other mediums of communication under some circumstances because they are regarded as free speech. There is a thin line between free speech and “True threat” and the latest development has caused a massive stir about the future of social media platforms. If the Supreme Court gives verdict against Elonis, this would mean that people could be charged based on their status and comments against politicians and other policies on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)  in the future.

An article on Time discussed this matter and cited a number of sources which are of the view that the court will give a verdict in favor of Elonis because the track record depicts the same trend. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)  is one of the primary means of communication and First amendment gives every right to express anything.

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