Facts You Need To Know About GMO


Genetically modified organisms have been subjects of controversy for many years now and there are still not enough proofs to dispute or approve the practice of GMO.  For many years there were concerns about the GMO causes of allergies, antibiotics resistance, and cancer. Fortunately, researches made on this topics proved that there were no links between GMO and any of those causes.

There is no doubt that completely natural food is the healthiest nutrition, but on the other hand, GMO is not as harm as someone will say. Just look at your surroundings. The air is contaminated with the nicotine and industry smoke and not to mention the gas from the cars that are everywhere around and the planes. And what about the garbage in every corner? If we are used to living in those conditions, what do everyone have against genetically modified food? That food is not affected by some poison. It is just in a way helping a plant to be harvested better.

The upper class seems to be most concerned about this issue, but I don’t know if they realize that the fruit and vegetables they consume every day aren’t just picked up fresh from the tree or ground, especially since their garden only contains beautiful flowers to decorate the yard. On the other hand, no one is paying attention to modification of other living creatures such as dogs. As every dog specie originates from wolfs, how many trouble was there to breed the most expensive dog species that they buy just for showing off? Those tiny Chihuahuas everyone carries in their Ralph Lauren handbags are actually the modified wolfs, if you look at it that way. So is this modification really that bad? Even the scientists from United Nations Food and  Agriculture Organization and World Health Organization failed to find a connection between GMO food and any disease in the world.

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