Fertilizer Stocks To Buy Today


The Russian invasion of Ukraine has had global economic ramifications, including an oil crisis, a shortage of agricultural commodities and inputs, shattered global supply networks, and high inflation. Potash supplies from Belarus, which are essential for crops such as corn and soybeans, are in jeopardy. Crop production could be hampered if the worldwide supply of nitrogen and potash continues to be disrupted.

Insider Monkey assessed the 10 fertilizer stocks to buy today. Origin Agritech Limited is a Chinese company situated in Beijing. The company specializes in seed breeding and genetic improvement. After the company declared a profitable projection for 2022, the stock soared 13.3% in premarket trading in February. Bioceres Crop Solutions Corp. is based in Rosario, Argentina, and was founded in 2001. Seed technologies, germplasm, and seed treatments are among the company’s crop production solutions. Herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, and micro-granulated fertilizers are developed by the Crop Protection section. Compass Minerals International, Inc. is a Kansas-based supplier of minerals such salt, magnesium chloride, potassium sulfate, and other plant nutrition products. Shares have risen 11% in the last month, against a macro backdrop of global food shortages. The Andersons, Inc. reported fourth-quarter earnings and revenue that were both higher than expected. The company credited its high fourth-quarter results to a robust harvest in 2021, as well as sound operational and commercial decisions. On February 25, FMC Corporation declared a quarterly dividend of $0.53 per share, equating to a forward yield of 1.8 percent at current share prices. The dividend will be paid on April 21 to stockholders who were registered on March 31. For more details, click  10 Fertilizer Stocks To Buy Today.