Finance Stocks To Buy According To Billionaire Ray Dalio


Ray Dalio is a graduate of Long Island University with a degree in finance and Harvard Business School with an MBA. In the hedge fund industry, Bridgewater Associates is a household name. Over the past year, the fund’s portfolio has grown by $10 billion to $18.2 billion. Known as a “hyperrealist,” the billionaire prefers to base his investment decisions on solid facts rather than subjective opinions.

Insider Monkey used the third quarter portfolio of Ray Dalio to select his top 10 finance stocks. US Bancorp shareholder Ray Dalio increased his stake by 15% during the third quarter of 2018. Despite a 1.26 percent drop in revenue from the previous year, the $5.86 billion in sales came higher than expected by $105.32 million. On September 30, 2019, Bridgewater Associates increased its stake in Lufax Holding Ltd by 103%. The company specializes in retail credit facilitation and wealth management. Farallon Capital owns 14.35 million shares worth $100.2 million in the company. Earnings from BlackRock, Inc. for the third quarter were announced on October 13, and the company beat expectations by $1.44 with EPS of $10.95. Insider Monkey’s Q3 database counted 44 bullish hedge funds on the stock. Goldman Sachs Group stockholders Ray Dalio’s Eagle Capital Management are the largest shareholders as of September 2021. The Goldman Sysciency had 74 elite funds long in the third quarter, up from 61 in the second quarter, according to Insider Monkey’s records. An international financial services company specializing in commercial banking, stock trading, and wealth management is the Charles Schwab Corporation. In addition, the company runs an electronic trading platform for both retail and institutional customers. Insider Monkey counted 59 hedge funds that were bullish on the stock in the third quarter. For more details, click 10 Finance Stocks To Buy According To Billionaire Ray Dalio.