The world is now relying massively on the smartphones. We use our smartphones daily for shopping, social media, gaming, transactions, business, and so many tasks. With the increasing penetration into the society, phones are also becoming vulnerable in terms of security and can be a target of hackers in the coming days. Speaking about the smartphone security domain in a program on CNBC, tbe COO of FireEye Inc (NASDAQ:FEYE), Kevin Mandia, discussed the future of the smartphone security domain and told some useful tips for general security in day to day use of technology devices.

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“I think the threats always go where you can make money and where intellectual property is, and that is going mobile, over time we all gonna use our phones or our devices to buy things, and that’s where we are gonna keep our intellectual property, if you are a doctor, you might need access to medical records vey quickly, those medical records are gonna display on a device, so we are gonna see the mobile platforms come under siege over the next few years,” said Mandia.

FireEye Inc (NASDAQ:FEYE) COO also said that the iPhone is more secure as compared to Android because iOS is a closed platform where the apps are coming from the controlled and checked platform whereas Android is a bit on the loose end where anyone can make apps and it is vulnerable because of its open source nature. He said that most of the cyber-attacks are launched from Russia and Ukraine so users must be very careful about the apps and services coming from these areas.

“The number one way general consumers recognize they’ve been compromised is when their PC is simply running very very slow, if you are ever sitting at your device, and what you think should be happening, isn’t, it could be a problem,” said the FireEye Inc (NASDAQ:FEYE) COO.

Mandia said that the Cloud platforms are more secure than on-premise structures for small scale businesses. But a company can choose privately owned Cloud if the security needs are extremely high.

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